Jun 25, 2015

Saving Humanity

It wasn't a normal day in the forest. Almost dawn when we both get there. My aunt and me, going into a spiritual journey. I told her I'll let her feast but also will dragged her down to earth. She was... Nebula... Inside a lost form of a galaxy. Very deep but not relaxing. I can feel her skin down under. It wasn't as quite I can describe to the norm people. They possibly wouldn't understand. Not all sees the perfect view of the nature. Except when they accept things surround them and look carefully what is actually going on.

I went to a journey, I told her. But she doesn't seem to be getting my point of view. She felt... Lost. Even God can't save her. As if.

And I want her to join me. Or maybe I'd be the one who'd hold her hands when she wanted to jump. It was about to go dark. A purple mash with blue, my always type of favourite. Seemingly serene but deadliest creatures lies in the depth of a certain part in the woods.

Crickets are sounding... Very calming. I tried to took her in my hands. But she just stood there like a broken doll. A Cinderella with no feet, don't ever know what she will do. She was inside a different world, I tell you. Daydreaming about her rescuing prince. Her life was suppose to be perfect, the life of which everybody wants. But she seems carelessly not to care. I tattled her with one of my tales. Then it's like unfitted puzzle when we exchanged talks. Been trying to give her a definition of what I understand about life, yet she seemed to shoved it away.

Back to the forest with her "gown". The trees are thin-stem, I could see blue in my eyes. So the trees were not shaky, just still with a camouflaged pattern on the bark. It was a tropical forest with mud as we stepped off from the river. Her Cinderella shoes became dirty already as she whined about it. While she tries to put off the dirt to the tree, I gave her my hand out in the open when I'm still holding on to the top of the river bank.

Her soul was pointlessly aiming at nothing. Does she wants to move? No. Does she wants to be saved? Don't know. All the things are done for her. Forever will be young, her heart cried out. I know... what lies inside that heart of hers. And it's not a nice one because it has been sealed by the epitome of the promised princess land of the kingdom. A modern fairy-tale. Beauty of youth will last eternally they say. They put this in your house.. beauty products, skincare, hair-dye colouring, cloth (lavish one). They say it'll make you look good. It'll make you feel young, endlessly. I thought I'd believe that. Well now not any more.

Argghhh... I want to scream out loud in my somewhat visionary woodland we are in, saying : A!! Get out from there! You are literally in utter danger!

As I've been here before. It was a dark black pool thick by the size of an ocean. It was always night there and the moon keeps on staring at me helplessly. I was in the middle of the sea, floating, alone, unforgiving of myself and others. Keeping things to myself was one of my kryptonite. Yet I survived. I'm beginning to think that these are the events of my life. Continuously coming back even though I have left the bits behind.

Now, to swim back through those oceans, so that I can come and pick up my poor dear aunt. She's stuck, in her own realm of dreams she keeps telling people about.

***** To Be Continued *****

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