Jun 24, 2014

Safer from the past

I have found what I would call a safer place from the distance of the past. For I have reached onto a better place in my heart what they called a stability but near to an end. An end of my younger days. My younger adolescent days. I have come to say goodbye to you, the little me. So innocent, so pure. Who could have known you would shake a soul or two. Who would have know that you were once amazed by the living skills of the art activists that now you are one of them? As yesterday I've seen the eyes of the pure, the innocent came by sitting next to me on the ground when I lay a handful of my piece. And it has been sold. It's been handed out to the world. Yet I feel nothing to the opposite of letting go.

Am I going to be shaken? Or am I going to be awaken? Who would do this for me? Hope is not on my side though I seem to get a side-eyed view from the crowd. Or am I just a mere coward? Based on what I am, still depending on the research of who I am. Who do I stand for? Not for myself? Who does the mother of all mothers stand for?

Their children.

As a girl who's turning head towards womanhood, I found it's immeasurable. Confused and dazed. Like no thing I can describe. "Inspiration has run dry" A commitment. An evolution. It's the same fucking thing. What do I have to fight for? Fight for the children? These are the things that I have to find out myself. A mystery. Too much of paying other people's attention and why do I even care? Because I care? Because you do? I had this blog, it was precious to me. I had everything a girl could ever ask for. I was a princess! Yes boasting self-loath is a must. Then what the fuck do I do for boosting confidentiality?

No guessing. No assumption.

Just presume. And be prepared, young ladies.

Syndi Azrah

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